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General Policy

Admissions to Dishaa are made depending on the number of vacancies available. The information you provide us during registration and personal discussions with the parents are also taken into consideration. 


Toddler Group: The minimum age for enrollment is 2 years.

Pre-primary Montessori Education: The minimum age for enrollment is 2 years 6 months.

Admission Procedure

1) If you are considering Dishaa for your Child's Montessori education, we request that you to send us an email with basic information about your child.

2) On receiving the email, please fill up the questionnaire, which you can download via the link below and return to us. Subsequently we will schedule an appointment for you to visit the school and interact with us.

Download the Questionnaire here!

3) After your visit, if you think that Dishaa is the right school for your child, you can then request for an Application Form to fill out. 

4) Registration of new children will be processed in the order that it is recieved. 

5) Please note that if the child is over three years of age at the time of application, they will be admitted only if they are transferring from another recognized Montessori. 


A child is officially enrolled at Dishaa when the Admission Fee and Fees for the year has been recieved. 


All fees must be paid in full for the whole academic year before or on the due date. Parents are requested to keep in mind that the place for the child is booked for the whole academic year, not a part of it. Therefore, if circumstaces require them to leave during the school year, the fees cannot be refunded. 

If parents would like to pay the fees in two installments, fill out a 'Request for Installment Payment' form and submit it to the Principal. This form is available in the office upon request. Your request will be taken into consideration. 

For Continuing Children:

At the start of the third term at school, we issue a continuing letter to all parents. The parents of children who plan on continuing for the upcoming academic year, must pay our Annual Material Fees in order for us to hold the place for your child. This helps us plan for the following year in order to maintain a comfortable student to teacher ratio. This amount, once paid, is non-refundable. Following this, we assign a date during which the Annual Tuition for twelve months must be paid in full. 

We request parents to strictly adhere to these dates, failing which we will open admissions to prior registered children.