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Dear Parents ,


Montessori is not the flavour of the day. It is not the “in” thing to put your child in a Montessori School. Madam Dr. Maria Montessori after careful and close observation of the child – came to certain conclusions, that are very fundamental/ spiritual in nature. These are our guidelines and they should be yours too. 


  • A child is special as he/she can shape his/her own future and work to fulfil their needs. The only thing for us to do is to give them our love, faith and patience.
  • Please be an intelligent parent. Do not overdo anything. Too much attention, too many instructions, too much of food, too much of concern are all detrimental to the natural growth of child. 
  • Your child will live and grow in a community, a society of individuals all different in ages, abilities, personalities.  Do not protect your child from this. Let your son or daughter try to understand and accept all of this. Please answer their questions to the best of your ability.
  • The Child thrives in Nature. Please provide a multitude of outdoor experiences. The touch, smell, and vastness of Nature, helps the child to integrate their own lives to that of Nature with ease. 
  • The impact of the experience that each child has at this age are lifelong. Let them be positive, varied and rooted in reality.
  • If you do not know what to do in any situation, please ask read up and reflect. You owe this to your child, yourself and to society at large. 
  • Dedicate yourself to childhood by understanding the requirements of this age. Smothering or over providing them with material objects is not a requirement. If you join the Dishaa family, we will provoke you into being the right kind of parent. Please be prepared for this.