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 The approach to Children, the understanding of the nuances of this age, slowing down to the pace of the Child, patiently educating parents on how to sensitise themselves to their child all of this helps to form the foundation for positive, early learning experiences and this is as much the culture of the school as what is taught here.

In addition to working with Montessori equipment, children engage in a host of activities to help their communicative, creative and life skills. They can enjoy the world of books in the reading corner as well as immerse themselves in various forms of Art, be it painting, sticking collages, clay work etc. Children are exposed  to a variety of rhythms, the different  styles of music ranging from Hindustani to Western Classical where they learn to identify instruments, composers, as well as to enjoy music.

Our vegetable patch, where children plant and take care of their saplings, are an excellent platform for Nature study. Children begin to understand that humans are only one element of nature and the importance of living in harmony with the environment. The idea is to make children aware of a larger social and natural world and inspire them to want to learn more.

It helps a child look beyond the initial awareness of social consciousness that happens in the family. Only with a good understanding of diversities will a child be able to appreciate differences and also to connect with the world.