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Learning with your child

You are your child’s first teachers. They instinctively learn just by observing and interacting with you from the minute they are born. Here are some suggestions to help you prepare them for school:
  • Talk to your children in clear and complete sentences. Ask them whether they are hungry, which toy they want to play with, describe objects around them and always use the correct names/words – a cat is a cat, not a meow.
  • Find opportunities to bring in concepts of numbers, colours, shapes, sounds etc. For example, count aloud as you climb up the stairs; ask them to fetch the red ball and the yellow ring.
  • Be firm about the day’s schedule, but do not force it. If you have read your child’s cues right, he/she will willingly eat and sleep on time.
  • Take your child out and while you are at the park or in the market, point out the birds, flowers and things you see. Ask him/her over dinner what they saw that day.
  • Read with and to them. Show them pictures and relate them with real objects when you have the chance.
  • When your child is upset, help him/her express it through words rather than tantrums. Stay calm and talk to him/her.
  • Learn to say No to your child and always explain why.