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Naveena S. 2017 March Graduate

We feel proud that our daughter Naveena had her first schooling at Dishaa. Dishaa is a wonderful team. They are very passionate about their work. Their care starts from the school gate where we leave our child. There is no second thought about the safety of the kid, everything is taken care and in built.

Dishaa has 2 experienced person Dharini and Geetha Mam. They will always try to bring the best from the child. They are giving importance to each and every children and mould them in a way that they are special. They are teachers for parents too, they guided us a lot to develop our daughter’s confidence.

We thank Barani for taking care of Naveena. She has played a significant role in shaping Naveena.

Dishaa will keep on re-inventing with new ideas to add value to the system. Mind full body session added in this year helped the children to change the way they view the world. Naveena helped us pass through a difficult stage easily. We need to thank Sripriya for this.


Everytime my daughter surprises me, I will think about Dishaa. 


Child Name - Sana Manoj. 2016 Graduate

We have explored a lot of montessori schools in Bangalore and Dishaa stands out in terms of the quality of people involved and the heart for children that they have. Right from the housekeeping staff to all the teachers, we have been a lot in awe of the beautiful people at Dishaa and the umpteen number of gestures through which they reveal their pure hearts, refined minds and passionate spirits. So many occasions their observations about Sana have surprised us on how much they have understood our own child, sometimes more than what we,as parents, have known about our child.


Child Name - Samara Ballal, 2016 Graduate

As, parents, Sandeep and I count ourselves fortunate to have found a school like Dishaa. Our daughter Samara loved it from her very first day. I guess it actually reflects badly on us as parents when our child prefers going to school than staying at home. 

The whole atmosphere at Dishaa is conducive for a child to flourish as much as possible. Sometimes, schools use the term " Montessori " to slack off and not teach much, but Dishaa isn't like that. The teachers are good and Dharini and Geetha have decades of experience between them. There's not much scope for going wrong. Samara has probably learnt more than other children her age and the most amazing part is that she has actually enjoyed the process.

The children are encouraged, treated with infinite patience and individuality and development are applauded. I have found the teachers to be friendly and open with the children as well as the parents. Geetha and Dharini's doors are always open for parents who may have any fears, issues, problems that concern them. It's a relief as a parent to have people who you can trust with your children and who have their best interests at heart.

In the three years at Dishaa, Samara's become an independent and well adjusted person. She's developed a love for school and learning. The only fear now is whether it stays that way once she goes on to another school.

Thank you for everything, 


Child Name - Ishan Sabu and Rihan Sabu, 2016 Graduate

Dishaa helped our twins to build a strong foundation on which they can build a beautiful future. We like the kid centric approach in Dishaa. Ishan and Rihan are really going to miss Dishaa.
Sabu & Suhana



Child Name - Nivaan Thomas Abraham, 2016 Graduate

When we were looking for the perfect pre-school for our son, we went to some of the most sought-after Montessori schools in Bangalore. We were directed to Dishaa Montessori by the principals of these popular schools.
Dishaa came highly recommended as a professionally run school by Dharini Srinivasan and Geetha Nityananda, two individuals whose work in the field of Montessori education is well regarded.  Within minutes of our interaction with Dharini, we were convinced that we had found a great place for our son to grow and learn at his own pace, in a cute, cozy environment that looked like an extension of our home.
Dishaa is a haven where the intentions are pure, the pace is calming and the space given to each child is nothing short of wonderful, preserving their unique individuality. Learning is never rushed but beautifully incorporated into the child’s natural rhythm. It has been a joyful experience watching our child blossom into a confident, articulate, caring and happy individual.  Every staff member, right from Gowda uncle at the gate, exudes real affection and care for the children. Our child settled down into his new environment in no time and in the 3.5 years that he has been at the school, there hasn’t been a single day he has shown any reluctance to go. The sparkle in his eyes when he talks about the things he does at Dishaa - cooking, art, yoga, music, story sessions, library, gardening, field trips – tells us how much he enjoyed himself at the school. The mixed aged group environment cultivates a caring behavior in the children that you can’t help but notice.
Dishaa is very transparent in their dealings. Parents are given a good understanding of their child’s progress regularly, and you get plenty of opportunities to volunteer and contribute. This makes you feel like part of a close-knit family. We will miss Dishaa and to all parents who are looking for a meaningful pre-school education for their kids, we would highly recommend Dishaa.

- Rony & Priya



Child Name - Prahati Shankar , 2016 Graduate

Looking at Dishaa from Prahati’s eyes, it was a wonderful 4 years in her life – we, as parents couldn’t have made a better decision. Growing up in conservative families Kavitha and I never had a chance to express our true desires but delighted to see that Prahati is every bit demanding what she likes doing in her life and we have made it our primary goal to encourage and help her learn whatever she wants to learn. I think the foundation that Dishaa has given her will be with her for life and as parents we really enjoyed all the interaction with teachers at Dishaa.

For both of us, the only thing that could have been even better is helping parents with the transition after life at Dishaa. Perhaps even bringing parents of previous batches to interact with parents of graduating kids (at least 6 months in advance and then 3 months before Graduation) would be a good idea. Most parents have some idea of schools but alumni will tell about how they found the current school, fee structure, how has the kid adjusted to the new environment etc.

We are going to be near Dishaa, so I am sure Prahati will enjoy seeing the school every time we cross the road and cherish the memories she held there. 

All the very best for a super bright future for Dishaa.

Best regards



Child Name - Tejaswini B, 2016  Graduate

 We still remember when Tejaswini joined Dishaa when she was 2.5 years.She used to hide behind our back and hesitant to talk to anyone. In the last4 years she has blossomed into an independent and confident child with lotof clarity in thought and expression. She is ready to experience whatevercomes in her path.

All thanks to the wonderful team at Dishaa who are very passionate about children. They have showered a lot of love and warmth, making each day of our child so special. They respect and accept the uniqueness of each child, motivate them to think and learn at their own pace. This has given Tejaswini immense confidence and right attitude to give in her best in whatever she does.
Dharini and Geetha have taken lot of effort to guide us as parents at everystage and prepare us at various milestones of our children. For them the‘child’ is of atmost importanance.
Thanks Dishaa for making Tejaswini’s childhood with fond memories and for having given her a strong foundation to enjoy life ahead!!



Child Name - Niyor Ujjal, 2016  Graduate

Ujjal and I feel blessed to have found Dishaa for Niyor. He was 2.2 years old when he started coming to the environment. Words wouldn't do justice to the tremendous value Dishaa has brought to our child's life and also ours. We have seen Niyor grow into a self-assured, responsible and a happy child, who has enjoyed every day of his time in Dishaa. We feel immense pride in seeing him having transformed into such a thoughtful and kind boy, and we have every reason to thank everyone at Dishaa. 

Ujjal and I express our gratitude to each and everyone at Dishaa for having touched our lives and Niyor's. It is the small things that you do for our children everyday, that are the most important, that make their day and touch their lives.These are the things that make you different and so special. 
Dharini, Geetha, Kruttika, Preeti, Barani, Deepa, Sri Priya, Muni Akka and all the lovely people that make Dishaa what it is, we thank you for making Niyor's first journey into the real world so special. We will always remember you fondly.



Child Name - Aadya Bulla, 2016  Graduate

My daughter has literally blossomed from being reserved and shy,to a confident and cheerful little girl in her 3 1/2 years at Dishaa. And I can only attribute this to the patient, caring and nurturing environment here. Her years at Dishaa have given her so much joy and it was truly wonderful for us to see that.


Deepa (Vidula's) mother