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Child Name - Anthara Ravi, 2015  Graduate

My daughter could not have gone to a better Montessori Environment than Dishaa. We saw her develop into a confident, responsible, sensitive and an independent being. The love and the attention she and the other children received here is beyond compare. Its the best foundation for life, I could've asked for.

Thank you,
Pratima Ravi


Child Name - Vihaan Swaminathan, 2015  Graduate

It was a scintillating experience for our son Vihaan these 4 years at Dishaa. Truly following the Montessori philosophy the adults at Dishaa knew about the child as much as we parents did. Amongst all other nice things we experienced, it is the ability to give and take feedback that stands out at Dishaa. Thanks!! Dishaa team..wish he could have continued learning here. All the very best to continue your great strides in helping the young beings grow beautifully. 




Child Name -  Lassya Reddy and Lekhya Reddy, 2015  Graduate

As  parents,  we would like to  share our experience about Dishaa Montessori.  We had enrolled our twin girls in Dishaa 3 years ago . We had a brief idea about Montessori before joining our kids but  our  3 year journey made us believe that Dishaa Montessori is the best foundation that we had given to our children. We  appreciate  Dharini madam, Geeta madam ,all teachers and staff  for providing right education and good values to  our children. Where ever our children go , whichever position they are , the appreciation goes to Dishaa because the foundation laid in their early years of childhood is really unbelievable. Thanks to Dishaa team. Dishaa is a second home for our children.


Malini and Nagireddy

Child Name -  Suraj Prashanth, 2015  Graduate

As our younger child, Suraj, steps out of Dishaa this year we are amazed how far all of us have travelled with the school over the last five years since Sacheth, our older one, joined Dishaa as one of its first students. One thing that has struck us most over these years is the excitement that our children have shown to go to school every day. This excitement was reflected in the stories that they came back and told us - of what happened in school, there was always something going on – a new story told by a favourite aunty, something new learned in class –like how the butterfly evolves from the caterpillar, a fruit brought home from a plant that they had nurtured, a field trip to a farm – they had so many things to make a day exciting. The teachers at Dishaa knew every small thing that there was to know about our children. Where Sacheth needed special attention, his teachers went the extra mile to help him.  With Suraj, it has been heartening for us to see how Dishaa has helped him develop a sense of wonder for life around him  We wish Dishaa all the very best for the journey ahead.

Lakshmi and Prasanth



 "I am at loss for the right words to express my gratitude to Dharani and the entire Dishaa Family. From the moment our Daughter joined Dishaa, there has been a sense of absolute belief that she is in the right hands. Dishaa as a Montessori environment has been an enriching experience, the team at Dishaa under Dharini' s guidance has provided the ideal space for each child to learn and grow at their own pace . The children are uncondionally loved & accepted, their ideas and feelings are respected and acknowledged.This is probably why each child walks in happily and ready to start the day with loads of enthusiasm. As a parent, I take a lot of pride in saying that the teachers at Dishaa know our child as much as, if not more than We do! This goes to show the dedication with which each child is cared for in the  Montessori environment. The last three years have been really amazing and how we wish that Dishaa had classes for 1st standard and beyond. Our sincere thanks and best wishes to everyone at Dishaa."

- Kiran and Neela

"It has been an amazing experience for us as parents and for our daughter at Dishaa Montessori. The school brings a unique approach by respecting individuality of a child and letting them be what they are. Attention to detail on  each and every individual child's  development is amazing.My daughter Medha flourished in this environment by developing  self confidence  and self reliance. When we initially put her in the school, like any other parent we had questions about if  she would  develop her academical skills like other typical curriculum. Fast forward three years, we are completely satisfied with the progress. She is extremely good with reading, writing, articulating her thoughts, general awareness and knowledge around various real world aspects. The style of teaching at Dishaa is very hands on for  everything starting from academics to general knowledge. We throughly enjoy when she explains a concept or an idea  with a practical sense of the world. Thank you Dharini, Gita and the team.  We really appreciate your passion for child development !!"
- Sastry and Bharathi


Dishaa has paved a way for a strong base for my son, in terms of confidence, language, math, art & intellectual skills.
The proof is : Though my sons new school for grade-1 is 20+ kms away from our home  we don't want to relocate as we wish that our younger one also gets the care of the safe & matured hands of Dharani, Geetha & Team @ Dishaa. My younger one joined Dishaa last year. This trust has not built up in a single day but over the period of 4 years of observing in real time Dishaa's following philosophy of bringing up its children :
* Understanding deeply the uniqueness in each children with a high degree of individual attention.
Dharani & Geetha knows about each & everyone in the school.
* Helping the child in overcoming his/her difficulty by bringing about an inside out change with lot of
patience, tolerance, innovative methods from two people who are genuinely interested in the welfare of children, Dharini & Geetha
* Professionalism in managing the school. Dishaa has also helped in our evolving as parents.
Important note : 90% of my sons friend has been retained from his play school to M3 !!
- Rajkumar and Priya    


"Dishaa has been part of our lives for the past three years. Both my daughters were very happy at Dishaa. It was like second home to both of them. I have walked into Dharini and Geetha's office many times to discuss about many aspects of parenting. I love that they are non-judgmental, open and very supportive. They are true to the words in following the child and providing the necessary guidance. I really can't put in words the comfort and warmth that is present with the all the adults at Dishaa - the teachers, helpers and the security. We greatly miss Dishaa and it will always have a special place in our hearts"

- Brinda and Sriram

"My son was one of the first few students at Dishaa. Inspite of being a new school I was very very confident of my decision as when I met Dharini and Geeta I was convinced that my son was going from one loving environment to another, the school was an extension of home for him. Over time not only has this been proven to be true but the school has looked after every need of my son and I am amazed at how well they know him and ensure that learning happens at his pace."

- Purvi Shah
Happy parents of two kids at Dishaa


"It has been a wonderful 3 years for our son and us at Dishaa.  We are extremely delighted in the way Dishaa handles each child with passion and care with their remarkable teaching methods.  Their report card is a testimony of their dedication that brings out every little detail of the child.  All this has created a huge positive impact on our son who has turned into a confident and sociable child, thereby preparing him extensively for the next level.  As Parents, we have enriched our parenting experience.   We thank Dharini, Arunima and Geetha for their valuable guidance. We wish the Dishaa team the very best to achieve greater heights in their passion for children and education."

- Anuradha and Sushanth Pai


Our child and Dishaa - A special bond

"When we realized that our little prince is unable to cope with new day care environment, we were forced to think differently. His desire for homely environment, thirst for activity based learning, need for individual attention (as he is a pre –term baby), drive to grow organically within, temptation towards self-discovery & creativity, attempt towards safeguarding ones unique individuality, urge for exploration was clearly evident. With much of struggle, we finally landed at “Dishaa Montessori – House of Children” and thus, with an attitude of positive expectation - our journey begun.

Imagination plus innovation equals realization” – Thanks to Montessori concept and all Dishaa associates – today our son has created the kind of self that he will be happy to live with all his life. As it focuses on the development of the “whole child” and its overall progress, he is capable of fanning the tiny possibilities into flames of achievements today. 

- Bharath and Jayaprabha Pai

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